Easy, Smart, Cashless.

Still waiting in line to get a drink?
Dripsy shows you what's poppin' night in & night out. Get & Send drinks.

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Cashless Nights

Leave your wallet at home and buy drinks through the app.

Check and Chat

Check the bars, see the vibe, stalk the crowd, flirt/be flirted and then decide!

Send Drinks

No matter where you are, don't let distance be the excuse again! Send drinks to your friends.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve and facilitate your entire nightlife experience. Dripsy has you covered since that "What are we doing tonight?" message hits your phone until the ride back home. FASTER, CASHLESS and TURNTER (if you know what we mean). Your nights are now easier and way better!!

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use Dripsy for?

You can use Dripsy to Check Venues, See Who is Going Where, Chat, Buy Everything Through the App and Text Drinks to Other Users

What do I have to do to receive a drink?

Not much, just put a bomb profile picture, lie a little bit on the description and make sure to hit "I'm Here". That way people know where the drink is going and maybe they follow it.

What makes Dripsy the best?

We are a community of young folks who love the nightlife and everything that comes with it. BUT, we also know the points of pain and we are here to solve them. Like Batman, we only come out at night!

Where can I find my purchases and gifts?

As soon as you make a purchase you will get a QR code. That's your ticket. You can also see your tickets through "My Transactions".

Get In Touch

We're happy to hear from you! Contact us today and chat with one of our team members. Compliments, suggestions and insults are all welcome. Let's get Dripsy together!!